Dreams making them a reality.

Today I meant my friend whom I used to work with on some projects . He was telling me how he is living his life time dream of starting up his own innovation company. Long time ago he used to tell that he want to develop his ideals and taking other people’s ideas to sky but I took it as a joke but now its reality he is living his dream. This was the kind of a guy who talk about things which many people could feel shame about them or stranger stuff.

This also took me back to talk about the guy of kwasi TV how he developed his ideas from watching tv shows and news while he is taking notes to explain to his mother when she return back  from work.

Of late I did an interview with one of my dream organization but reaching on third interview my ass was kicked out I felt bad over it because I knew I got my dream job . From That very stressful moment it brought my attention of what i  have  been doing to live my dreams or the things I used to dream about,  to have those things  in my life .  The past is gone , the present is now and the future is coming . I have only today to live my life time dreams I know am not only one is still dreaming  that things will get better in the future but stuff has never been better the hustle and struggle is still going on like forever .

The road less traveled book  by M.SCOTT PECK did not appear on national bestseller list until after five years of its publication. The same happens to our dreams they don’t come to reality for the facts which I extremely don’t know .

In the past years after school I have been discovering whom I am , now I know what am and what am good at . I have use what I have to bring my dreams to life . many people have tried many things and they fail simply because they don’t know whom they are and what they are good at in life .

Now the first step in life to succeed and to live your child dreams is to discover who you are and what you are capable to do .

Secondly neglect people who left their dreams they were chasing for some good time because of lack of resources or some else which blocked their way . Move and grab people who stay no matter what conditions and they have to win , having a motto of I win or they lose.

Thirdly keep you head up for upcoming challenges , be a guy of why things happen not the guy of how things happen.

Being the guy of WHY will make you to find the solutions and providing solutions to guys of HOW.

The greatest response from the echo of my dream has been one of the gratitude of my courage for saying new things but writing about things which I has been thinking about and feeling all long but afraid to talk about them.

I am not clear about my courage but what am clear about is my dream.     The process of meeting and solving problems  give life a dream so even the a dream. Problems are cutting edges of distinguishes between success and failure.


The courage to be yourself

Waking up to who you are, requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be

To be nobody but yourself ……in world which is doing its best ,night and day , to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight .

I have heard statement “just be yourself” so many times . It sounds like an amazing thing to do, and I have wished many times that I could just do that. What I’ve wondered, though, is what in the world does that mean?

No one can build you the bridge on which you and only you must cross the river of life .This involves being true ………to your own solitude ,true to your own secret knowledge .

The moment you feel you are nobody but yourself. To be nobody but yourself in the world which is doing its best ,night and day , to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.

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Ideas will be driven out by fear and it is driven in by courage and faith. This fear everyone have it but in the world of being yourself courage and faith can drive it out , these two tools work hand in hand to make someone to be yourself .

Faith is the starting point being yourself from faith there comes courage.

Being yourself is brought with the last coin i.e. it’s very expensive leaving the rest what they are doing and to start discoving yourself .in a race everyone runs but only one person gets first prize so run your race to win, this is race not everyone has to win it’s only these who put in a lot to win the race of being themselves .

Getting in touch with the inner you , for instance  a child does not think of what other people think about him , a child does everything that make him happy They have not yet been socialized to “fit in” to a society that squashes that

Train yourself to be as disciplined as a professional athlete.

Being a ware of your thoughts , many negative thoughts runs through your mind all the time but we have to keep our heads up trying to space ourselves .

Knowing the quality of your thought demands a lot to do on a daily basic  for instance meditations, meditating about what you want to be , thoughts keep coming and going but observe the mind what it says .

Follow your intuition , this may sound so easy to some people but many of us ignore our intuition for long time because we feel so obligated to others .

When I was at campus I meant a friend of mine he told me, he want to be a blogger and immediately he started reading many novels on different subjects . He got much knowledge which even pushed him be start learning programming languages  and designing websites and now he very far in technology world . He is working with one of leading tech companies in Africa .

I will tell you this, from my own personal experience: When you start following the little nudges and urges that you get, you will have hopped onto the magic carpet ride of awesomeness.

It doesn’t mean that you will never have bumps in the road again, but when you are in alignment with your soul, you will always be steered in the best possible direction.


My mother encouraged my entrepreneurial zeal when i was a child , she did so many things that i marvel at as i look back . back in time my mother was running a small restaurant in our town ( bushenyi) where she could manage to raise our school dues.

When i turned to 10 years i become cashier i could be able to give people (customer) their exchange , i knew how to market sell and bank money she brought me a book where i could record very transaction i make everyday . she bought to keep some money as profit in the bank account.
This gave a capacity of developing the abilities of self dependence . she drove my capacity to make our business more interesting and serve them to full sciatica
the season when our restaurant could make a lot money was the season of inter school competition like football , MDD our restaurant could host most meals for school’s students to me i learn t to hard work since ourselves had to prepare meals for over 1000 students from different schools to plan for all schools buy them food , drinks and serve them in time.
She sent me to best schools her sacrifices for me were immense she was able to do this with minimal education on her own part and using her small business.
Truly i shudder to imagine what some of you women out there could do with your own children if you set your heart on it , because you are more educate and more exposed than she was.
My exposure to business environment  and competition i managed to study commerce as my first degree from Makerere university i was delighted by my mother’s knowledge i was used of balancing books like balance sheet at low levels inventive working applies to inventive reading books.
As soon as i got off campus in 2016 i asked myself what i could do with the house they gave me in kira i made some research around i found out i can turn it into hostel for Makerere collage school students ( boys) immediately  when students returned back from home for their first team i had to use old business knowledge of conversing to get some boys although the school was not ware about my place , so i had to talk to parents of students to entrust me with their kids. now the business is moving forward since every new academic year i can be able to get new students
Teach the habit of being informed and i will remain with your child for life it is also entrepreneurship training of the highest order
when i was a young boy growing up at home we had no TV we only had a radio and my Mom could only allow us to listen to news that is only inn the evening and give her the feedback of what we were listening to.
this kept me in check of getting every detailed news because after there were questions
little did i know that this had nothing to do with her but it was for me she wanted the to develop a strong habit to desire to be informed. i was trained by my lioness mom to develop a keen interest in national and global current affair even today i consider it a total disgrace to spend an entire day in which i don’t find out what is going on in the world .
It very difficult to work with people who are happy to be blissfully uninformed about what is going on locally , nationally and globally such people are actually dangerous to a business .
I like working with people who occasionally throw me questions like what is the big business story today what is making headlines in politics world , if i see them not showing any real interest  i will remember and it might just be very very costly for that person one day i don’t promote ignorance . when i was carrying out research on how my hostel should be l made information platforms to be the main focus like TV Internet to make students to keep up to date with current affairs.
as a parent one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to tell children that TV is there simply for entertainment or that they should not watch things like news
she would have  said to you can not lead if you are not informed and the desire to be informed is a habit taught to children by responsible parents

The art of storytelling in photography

A picture without a story is just a superficial picture. Without a story, the photograph has no depth. there are pictures that are beautiful to look at for example sunrises above the ocean can be heart warming and look great at the wall but do they speak to you ? , do they tell a story other than those of beauty .

Documentary photography is way more than what you see in the pictures they let you create a story in your minds these stories are what them memorable , impactful and emotional stories of people families and societies will stay interesting for future generations .

Story telling in photography should come with a detail that  stands out from everything else . helping the viewer to understand where a potential story could begin.

People that are not interested in photography don’t have any imagination left deny that photos can tell a story. i understand that not every picture speaks to everyone the same happens to acclaimed quality work . not every good picture will speak to everyone.

To me it is more interesting to create controversial picture that invoke a strong emotion in same than addressing a broader audience , every where i go i move with my camera knowing that i go some story to tell the whole audience which was not with me .

I have  won many awards from my story telling in photography  this has motivated me to keep going  below is a link  http://www.ranlab.org/ran-shines-again-at-the-hesn-2017-photo-contest



6 years ago, my memories are still fresh remembering how and what was happening in and around Lake Victoria basin …, environmental degradation, limited knowledge on family planning, poor water sanitation and hygiene, poor farming methods and among others. Pathfinder international introduced HOPE lvb to come up with solutions of challenges faced by people who live on islands of Lake Victoria.

The first phase of HOPE started in 2011 when people had different views and concerns about the project. despite the challenges faced at start the project went ahead focusing on individuals through trainings, supporting and answering some of their pressing questions, through human centered designing, individuals could be able to identify their problems, how they have been resilient to them becoming idea giving in solving their daily challenges. for instance, the sources of livelihood had become increasingly insecure due to declining fisheries, poor water quality, deforestation and loss of biodiversity, poor family planning methods.

The project analyzed the most driving forces for environmental degradation and poor health outcomes at individual, community levels.  at the individual level, the project aimed at ameliorating the effect of poverty and gender norms, poverty made island women to become sex workers where they had their phenomenon of fish for sex which was very dangerous for next generations,

At community level, the project built the capacity of resource groups ranging from BMU, VHT, CHW, Women’s groups, youth groups, farmers group.

Despite high support for family planning even before deliberation participants raised several concerns about contraceptives. some of them were based on false beliefs while others resulted from sheer lack of information .. some of direct quotes from training.  we have heard that family planning has side effects including tampering with our internal body organs, giving birth to deformed children or not conceiving again, why do you encourage us to use family planning?  forming model Households was the best way to teach local population the benefits of the HOPE project.

Model Households were trained in multiple project activates to serve as role models and teachers in their communities including illustrate behavior that allow families to resilient without taking a toll on their environmental and natural resources.

Modal households become campions in practicing sustainable agriculture and resource planning, adopting alternative livelihood, promoting reproductive health and family planning, investing on clean water for drinking and cooking. Every model household have functional latrine, hand washing facility, composite pit, dish rack, refuse pit animal shelter kitchen garden MHH visitors book, clean compound and energy saving stoves.

In 2014 the project had changed (game changer) many minds of individual for instance one of model household MR Mpumi says from training and support from HOPE project “I have benefited from family planning to conservation of natural resources and livelihoods. I regret that if I had been exposed to this knowledge earlier I would be a much better person by now.

HOPE project does not only preach but help the households to demonstrate benefits of project in their homes, farms, one of researcher’s a round June 2017 visited the sites DAVID said if any project has set the core values and objectives, HOPE is the best example, objectives are demonstrated on ground and well-practiced by households.

It attracted my attention when I went to  the island and talked to members of HOPE project (MODEL HOUSEHOLDS ) I was impressed by the farmers group how they described family planning ,  Fausta said they space their children like we space our trees so they grow big and strong , she continued saying due to trainings and fruits she has received and witness even if the project end now , she will never feel shame to speak her mind on family planning , I have knowledge on benefits of family planning , I like the concept of child spacing , it’s like empowering women and improving on community and many others .

I meant my friend whom I talked with him in 2011, at the beginning of project He said has 12 children and his land was becoming small and it’s hard to feed them and pay school fees can government give him more land. in 2017 his mind set was different he talked to me after practicing sustainable agriculture i.e. use of organic farming, mulching, soil, and water conversation crop rotation learnt from HOPE project staff, his income has increased comparing to the pervious one, many other people leaving on the island have improved on their livelihood able to buy property, reduced on dependency on single source, afford basic needs, improve on housing and many others.

Our last visit in BUSSI island WAKISO , locals said they have nothing to pay back pathfinder international HOPE LVB project just they promised us to keep fire burning and promoting the activities of the project through recruiting more non model households , encouraging activate model households to keep doing right activates .

HOPE LVB learnt to engage   the communities in participatory dialogue can increase their willingness to carry out or support project core values this makes the communities to suggested best ways they want to be handled.



Mapping the food system’s past ,present, and future in Uganda

Me and many other Ugandans during our childhood meals were diverse and nutritious cooked from a variety of vegetables and fruits .  food system and people’s eating habits change over the years.


In recent years Ugandan government has adopted approach to food production for instance solar water pumps , watering tins being introduced by the president . where quantity takes precedence over everything else.

As result agriculture has intensified with increasing use of chemical inputs like pesticides and synthetic fertilizers .

These changes are affecting poor people . The most vegetables have become so expensive here in Kampala becoming difficult for low income earners to afford and many kinds of fruits are now luxury items that are out of reach for large part of population . since I was a child the price of matoka has increased at least 20 times .

To achieve this increased productivity the strategies that are adopted in Uganda today most often focus on bringing in improved seed varieties alongside agrochemicals and irrigation systems.

Getting this kind of system to work has required changing the way farmers farm and the way they think about agriculture . It also requires prioritizing business which has meant focusing on high value crops as well as changing both infrastructure and  law. In the end this narrative of focusing on increased productivity alone has led to environmental damage and health problems and it has contributed heavily to climate change .

New Idolatry of money

one cause of this situation is found in our relationship with money . since we calmly accept its dominion over ourselves and our societies .  The  current financial crisis can make us overlook the fact that it originated in a profound human crisis . The denial of the primacy of the human persons we have created new idols .

The worship of the ancient golden calf has returned in a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money and the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human purpose .

the worldwide crisis affecting finance and the economy lays bare their imbalances and above all lack of real concern for human beings man is reduced to one of his needs alone .

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